Your flooring needs regular maintenance to ensure it remains clean, while extending the longevity of the product. Not only can we advise on appropriate flooring, but we’ll help you take care of your flooring with our carpet cleaning and sand & seal services.

flooring services - carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Cleaning carpets should be part of your regular cleaning routine because a clean, fresh-smelling carpet leaves a great impression of your home or office.

We offer carpet cleaning services to restore your carpet as far as possible to original condition through thorough vacuuming and steam cleaning. The dirt is sucked up, while marks are washed away with our gentle yet effective carpet cleaning chemicals that are child and pet friendly. There is little moisture left in the carpet once we are done. Within hours your carpet will be dry and ready for use again!

flooring services - sand and seal

Sand and seal

To preserve the beauty of your wooden floor, we sand and seal it. Our innovative dustless sand and seal process aids clients during the installation process by minimising the amount of dust in the area while our installers are at work.

Once we have sanded the floor, we ensure all the dirt particles and dust are removed before sealing with a quality sealer, tinted with the shade of your choice. The weather determines how long the floor takes to dry. When the sealant has achieved maximum hardness, you can furnish the room with your carpets and furniture.

flooring services - consulting

Consulting services

Not sure about what flooring is appropriate for your needs? Need advice about window blinds, how to measure and install them? Want to discuss renovation plans or security concerns with professionals? Need to plan where to lay network cabling? We can advise you!

We offer consulting services to home and business owners, as well as architects, developers, interior designers, IT managers, builders and building managers. We’ll help you plan cost effective and stylish interiors, where the product matches functionality and achieves the look you desire!

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