Get an eco-friendly floor

There is no doubt that bamboo floors look great in both homes and offices. Bamboo is a rapidly growing renewable resource – the plant regenerates every five years, as opposed to traditional hardwood trees which take years to grow.  It also produces very low emissions through waste and pollution.

Bamboo floors are quick and easy to install. They come sanded and are finished with UV coatings to prevent the floor pattern from discolouring over time. The floorboards are sealed with non-toxic glues and finished with aluminium oxide. They are abrasion resistant and have non-slip properties. This flooring is very stable in both humid and dry environments.

Strand woven bamboo floors are aesthetically pleasing and provide a highly competitive alternative to hard wood flooring. They are termite, fire, sunlight, chemical stain, scuffing and indentation resistant. In addition, they are non-allergenic and therefore a perfect choice if your pets sleep indoors.

Want your floor to blend with your colour scheme? The natural colours of bamboo flooring, which are consistent to the core, can easily complement your colours.

It’s also easy to clean bamboo floors, because dirt cannot be trapped. Spills can be mopped up with a cloth or sponge. Damaged floorboards can also be replaced without contrasting with the pattern of the surrounding boards.

Furthermore, bamboo flooring comes with a guarantee against structural and other defects.

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