Network cabling is essential for the smooth running of a home network, school computer room, call centre network or office network where computers need to be connected with printers, scanners and other network devices for data and voice (VoIP) solutions.

Knowing where to put access links and how to design an efficient network map requires experience. We are professionals at planning, managing and implementing any sized network installation. We use the most appropriate network cable, including CAT 6 cabling and CAT 6A or CAT7, based on the network’s physical layer, topology, size and various other factors. The end result is a maintainable network that delivers speed and reliability to meet your requirements.

Our network cabling service includes:

  • Installation of new networks
  • Upgrades or moving existing network points
  • Fault finding and repairs to networks and cabling
  • Cabinet installation and preparation for servers, switches, routers and other network devices
  • Installations of cables within walls and under floors
  • Provision and installation of telephone extensions
  • Documented patch panel layouts
  • Rack installations and rack neatening.
network cabling

To ensure longevity, our cables are sourced from the best hardware manufacturers. Our testing is also conducted with advanced testing equipment to ensure there is no interference from external sources like power cables.

All our network cabling installations are guaranteed, so you can have peace of mind.

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